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In questo sito si trovano una quantità industriale di shells unix gratuite.

Possiamo ottenere uno spazio in cui connetterci via ssh e usarlo per diversi scopi.

Per esempio seguendo questo articolo (free BNC) oppure semplicemente per bypassare un filtro aziendale 😀

A shell account is a personal account that gives a user access to a Unix shell on another machine, usually through ssh (and historically telnet.) With a shell account one can log into a remote server and run commands on it. It is very useful when one wants to try out another operating system, to get more out of IRC for example by running an IRC robot such as Eggdrop, to host a website, or to use some E-mail services. Most servers allow users to connect at all times 24/7. There is a possibility to attach the programs by using the GNU screen terminal multiplexer.

They are a non-profit organizations. They provide all kind of free services for the Internet Community, so don’t hack them!

Sono orgnizzazioni no-profit. Offrono tutti i tipi di servizi per la comunità di internet, quindi non provare a bucarli