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Devo dire che quando ho visto questo link sono rimasto di stucco…
Non pensavo esistesse gente tanto malata che in mancanza d’altro si mettano a programmare un IRC client durante il netinst di debian. E il tutto solo perchè Kragen era stufo di stare con le mani in mano e con una grande voglia di chattare. Che dire…un genio!

So I’m installing an OS on my laptop, and for whatever reason, the
Debian Etch install disk thought it would be a good idea to initialize
the whole disk to random data *before* rather than *after* the rest of
the install. Writing to the whole disk takes a long time — a few hours —
and so I’m left with the Debian netinst environment to play with.

So I decided to IRC. Unfortunately, the only programming language I could
find is sh, and there don’t seem to be any IRC clients. And I can’t get
the ssh client to work — I was able to install the ssh client from the
udeb on the CD-ROM with udpkg -i path/to/openssl-client-whatever.udeb. But
it depends on, and I don’t know what udeb I have to install to
get that.

So I wrote my own IRC client in shell. The output is a little ugly, and
there’s no line editing or multiple window support, but otherwise it’s just
like any other IRC client to use. Almost.




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